I'm new here and to Blender. Thanks in advance for help.

I'm trying to make a UV map, and some of the vertices (UVs?) are black and some are red. After searching online I found out that I should use Alt + P (unpin) to fix this, but when I tried that it didn't work.

I've tried:

  • selecting everything and using Alt + P
  • selecting everything and using Unpin from the UV dropdown menu
  • checking and unchecking the Clear box in the Pin window
  • changing the mesh and retrying the above
  • adding more seams and retrying the above
  • unwrapping the UV map again
  • deleting the old UV map and unwrapping map again

But the red vertices are still there. What can I do to unpin them? And if I can't unpin them, will it be a problem later?

Only some of my objects are like this. The simpler objects (eyeballs, for example) work fine and I can easily pin and unpin the UV vertices.


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