Goal: Create rig with springy bones for i.e. auto belly fat simulation.

Issue: When rendering I'm unable to see spring effect on bones that are driven by objects with is driven by cloth simulation. In blender window it works correctly.

Set up:

  • create vertex line (I used extension "Add Mesh: Extra objects") with i.e. 3 vertexes (Shift+A -> Mesh -> Single vert -> Add single ver)

  • add Cloth simulation to that vertex object

  • add new Vertex group and add all vertexes

  • set vertex weights to i.e. 1.0 -> 0.7 -> 0.4.

  • add new Vertex group and add only last vertex

  • in Cloth simulation set Pin Group to group with all vertex

  • bake simulation


  • add bones i.e. 3 bones i.e. from bottom to top 2 bones one bone to left

  • on "left bone" (belly) add "Copy transform" and point to empty that that has "Copy location" to vertex group with last vertex in it

Set up image:

enter image description here

Viewport video:

enter image description here

Rendered video:

enter image description here

This all is based on tutorial for 2.79 i.e.:


Any idea why this happens ?

Blend file download



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