As Blender was upgraded from 2.79 to 2.8, the scene's dependence on the workspace(layout) was removed and separated.

Nice update but I found it uncomfortable compared to 2.79.
Below I will describe in detail the inconvenience I feel.

First is 2.79.

Imagine you have several animation scenes and one vse scene in one blend file.
For animation, create a layout with a dopesheet, graph editor, and connect the scenes here.
Then create a layout for video editing to aggregate the animated scenes and attach the vse scenes to them.
This allows each scene to have a layout for one purpose and allows quick and easy navigation of the entire scene with the Ctrl + arrow keys shortcut.

2.79 case GIF example
enter image description here

Next is 2.8.
Workspaces and scenes work completely independently, so you'll have to click several times to change the scene and get the right workspace.
I feel this thing uncomfortable.
(Of course, if you create workspaces based on the workflow in one scene, I know that this feature comes in handy.)

2.8 case GIF example enter image description here

So it's a question.
Can I navigate a blend file by syncing the workspace and scenes in Blender 2.8?

Thank you in advance.


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