I have a sphere with textures. It's part of a big project with other animated elements so I cannot use time remapping "old" to solve my issue you will read ahead about.

Animation playback starts on frame 1 ends on 250, at 24fps.

I go to n (editor) where I place a keyframe on frame 1 for Z rotation of my object. I go to frame 250 where I place a 360 degree value for Z rotation. So now I have 2 keyframes. I set interpolation to linear.

Playback test, it loops seamlessly, but too fast. I decide I need it to loop 2 or 4 times slower. So now I:

  1. First I try to increase the rotation value to 720 degrees. But that does the opposite as it rotates twice faster. And since 180 will not full rotate that can't be the way.

  2. I delete the keyframe on 250, expand playback range to over 500 frames, and I go to frame 500 following the logic that that's 2x the range so logically I place 360 degree rotation on frame 500, and set all keyframes to linear. When I then get the playback range to 250 again, I click play and it does go slower except It doesn't loop since logically by frame 250 under linear it should only be at 180 degrees of the rotation.

Then the whole problem appears:

How to make that sphere rotate exactly 360 degrees but do it twice as slow, like remapping but not affecting the entire comp just that one object? I need the motion speed of it going 180 degrees but do the full 360 rotation.

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    $\begingroup$ I don't see why you cannot keyframe it to be slower, why would you remap such a simple thing? Just keyframe it. $\endgroup$ – Arthur Blaquart Oct 18 at 9:45
  • $\begingroup$ I don't see how to do it? It has to loop on the export. I couldn't get the speed right. If I change fps to something like 16fps then I get about right speed but it looks jittery and other elements apear slowed down too. $\endgroup$ – Markore91 Oct 18 at 9:48

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