I just completed my second sculpt and need to retopologise the model for use in a game engine so I need a particular quad based topology with low poly count.

I have sculpted, retopologised, rigged and animated a character successfully before for unity, however it was a robot sculpted from a single lump of clay and I didn't need to worry about multiple meshes and hair etc.

Regarding the clothing I deliberately gave her a thin bikini so I can probably get the detail I need when baking normal-map and I am not worried about that.

My problem is her hair.

I don't know how I can retopologise around her hair, in particular the pieces under her fringe. It seems almost impossible so get in there and retopologise around those spiky pieces under the fringe and then back onto the forehead without making a mess (I know retopology is not generally easy - my last model took all day ;))

I imagine I cant retopologise the hair separately and boolean modify it to attach to the main body because that would give an uneven topology with some tris and surely defeat the point of retopology? Is this right?

My understanding is that for a game I am aiming to get a single seamless mesh of the outside visible faces of the character. Is this right?

I have read and watched many tutorials on retopology but I have never seen a single one that explains how to retopologise a complex shape. Often they explain how to retopologise a face or part of a head but never show how the shape is completed. And as for hair, maybe it's just too complex to make a tutorial for?

I think this boils down to one single question..."Is it acceptable to have tris in game model if it's in an area that doesn't need to deform? i.e. in the place wher the top of the forehead meets the underside of the hair fringe when a boolean is applied". If the answer is yes then maybe I can retopologise the hair separately and apply a boolean union to form a seamless mesh.

Any guidance is really appreciated. I am fairly new to this stuff and while I am learning very fast I still feel there are some things I am really struggling to find answers to.

Ive pasted in a picture the character I want to retopologise to give some context and show the kind of shapes I am trying to trace around.

enter image description here