I work a lot with linked data and library objects or linked collections.

Is it possible to send values or variables between the different hierachical structures ?

So for example:

  • SCENEFILE (var = 1234)
  • ---> Linked object 1 (pass_index + var)
  • ---> Linked object 2 (locationX + var)

or to add a bit and be more precise:
If I have a gamma node for example inside a material in a linked Collection, how do I access these gamma node value and Control it from the MainStage ? can i use a Driver from the MainStage to Control these values inside linked objects?

OK - > I got a step further and can control a value inside the linked Object.

linked objects can accessed via python as seen here in this Video



gives Access to the pass_index for example and can be set via python

bpy.data.objects['Name_of_the_linked_obj'].pass_index = 3

this is nice but not very comfortable or usable.
Now it would be great to have a way to control this datapath via Driver or Custom Property from the mainfile.

as you can see in the picture we can access this property in a Driver.
so I created a controller object that can drive this value and can override it. but the data in the linked object does not change and

bpy.data.objects['Name_of_the_linked_obj'].pass_index = 3

is not evaluated

but when I use

bpy.data.objects['myCube'].pass_index = bpy.data.objects['Controller']['my_new_index']

it works immediatly...

here is the setup image enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Maybe there is a Python solution that I can use ? $\endgroup$ – Master Heavy Oct 16 '19 at 14:18

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