I've seen very old videos (and .py scripts) to port the riggify rig from Blender to Unity. Thing is that the most "recent" .py works for Blender 2.78 and previous versions. I´m working with PBR so you´ll understand why using Blender 2.81 or 2.79 (at least) is on prio.

All the tutorials mention that I should delete bone layer 18th after parenting it to the riggify (vertex groups will be inherited). That I also should delete all the WGT controllers to avoid any bad hierarchies over to Unity. The official guide also mentions this. I can do all that but then I get into a halt. Check this video about it

I am trying to wrap my head around that, because: The bones which are in the 18th bone layer are the ones to be exported, BUT no animation is in them. Some of the answers I've read elsewhere say that I should bake the animation to them to convert them as NLA clips to be able to bake them appropriately and then export.

So my question in my current workflow is:

Generate the complete facial and body rig from META rig bones.

I usually delete the meta rig base since that doesn´t affect the armature anymore (it was just a guide)

I correct the EYE’s weights, parent them correctly, eyelids, lips, jawbones, etc…

Animate. Save those animations in a sequenced NLA clip (1st animation 1-20: idle, 2nd animation:21-25 close hands, 3rd animation: 26-29 blink…etc…)

This is where I don´t know how to work with this: How do I select the 18th Bone layer’s bones, enter POSE mode, “A” to select all, and (spacebar: bake animation keys-transformations) so they are baked? Isn't here were I am supposed to make those baked animations a NLA clip? if so: I get 1 single strip only with all my actions (animations) baked.

While still in POSE mode, I select the geometry and all of the bones in Bone Layer 18th and File>Export>Fbx>Export selected…

I guess this is how this is supposed to go? Thanks for any help.

enter image description here enter image description here


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