I am playing in my first session in Blender. I have successfully (for the most part) added two meshes to a rather simple cylinder. The first mesh is transparent and I have used shading to ensure the material is transparent, however I have disabled the Alpha channel in the shading menu because when in use the shape becomes invisible. Some help here with the Alpha channel would be great.

SECOND, and most importantly: the second material - my logo. I have added the material and assigned it to the specific faces of my object that I wish to display the logo. I've adjusted the placement in the UV Editing window and the logo sits where I want it to but in the empty space of the faces displaying the logo the face colour is black and opaque. How do I remove this? The file I used to create the file has a transparent background although I have removed the alpha channel.

Please help if possible.

Regards, Samuelenter image description here


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