I'm dropping a bunch of coins onto the floor. I want to export a single object consisting of one mesh and and one armature with one keyframed action for use in Unity.

I have successfully converted a single coin from simulated rigidbody to animated armature. The process was as follows:

  1. Add rigidbody modifier to coin.
  2. Apply rigidbody constraint - 'copy transform' to single bone armature, targeting coin object.
  3. Bake the action to the armature.
  4. Remove the rigidbody from the coin.
  5. Parent the coin to the armature.

However, I need a (relatively) large number of coins. Say somewhere between 32-128. Each of the coins needs to be keyframe animated by its own bone in a shared armature.

Any suggestions?

  • $\begingroup$ Try exporting the objects/scene as a Alembic; this works to get objects with multiple rigid body bits from the Fracture Modifier build of blender 2.79 into 2.8, I'm assuming Unity can import an Alembic file of course (no idea myself, never used Unity!)... If this works you could maybe omit the whole armature part of the equation (Just tested it and exported 9 rigid body cubes which were bouncing about on a plain as an Alembic, it imported & played back fine in blender 2.8- so if Unity can read an Alembic it should work), the scene will be one single multi-part object after the export though. $\endgroup$ – MarkS Oct 13 '19 at 15:50

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