Here is a weird one:

I am making a canned animation of a bipedal character being ejected from a pipe and flailing through the air, then bonking his head on the floor. I do not know how long the character will be airborne for. The beginning portion (ejection) and ending portion (bonking his head against the floor) will occur exactly once, but the middle portion (the flailing part) would need to loop for as long as the character is descending. Right now, this is one animation, with the middle repeating once. See WIP here:

animated gif

This is for use in a Unity game. I have made several animations already, a few of which are already in use for locomotion. "Use Root Motion" is not used in the Unity project; All previous animations have the character animated "in-place". You can get an idea of how I want to cut this animation up into 3 pieces here:

enter image description here

How can I best cut this up so I get 3 animations, where the middle loops seamlessly? I always seem to have trouble with the start and end playing back-to-back, "kinking", or flattening out at the start and end. I would like to extract the new animations almost automatically, if possible.

The animation will be used if he loses to the boss and is ejected from the pipe (gif is linked from Google Drive because it is > 2mb):

This will be the Context

Any and all help is appreciated!


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