I have only used blender a few times and have been getting reaquainted with the GUI and shortcut keys. Running 2.80.75 currently. As I am using the video sequencer - sequence window I have the timeline - playback window under it showing keyframes. I am pretty much just doing crosses and image overlays with some text that fade in and out. I have searched and read a lot with nothing close to what I am wanting.

The question is... Is it possible to link the sequencer timeline and the keying timeline so the frames and scale match as I move or zoom around in the sequence editor so that I am at the same spot in the other?
This would make it much easier to move around and adjust keyframes. Right now I get to a place in the sequence editor and then move the timeframe/keying and zoom to match the scale so I can just drag the keyframes just using the matching timelines as reference. It is almost just as fast to clear the keyframes and rekey the strip but if locking them together it would be much more efficient. I have looked through everything and think this would be a good feature if it does not exist.


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