Is there a reason why an fbx imported to unity would only show me animated action clips for each individual object but not one animation showing them animating all together like I made in Blender?

I have an animated model (two legs), that I’ve rigged and weight painted, and an attached skateboard object at the feet with a child of constraint to the main root bone of the legs (so just two legs riding a skateboard). I’ve rigged the legs and animated them jumping and flipping the board and landing back in the start position. I animated the board flipping using object mode, the legs with pose mode, and keyed everything using select-all in both pose and object mode and created an action for this called “kickflip”. It plays all together perfectly in Blender and I’ve exported all selected objects with baked animations as an fbx.

When I import this fbx into Unity the preview animation window shows the board floating in the air turned 90 degrees vertical away from the legs. And there are about five clips that look like separate actions from the blender animation. One is “skateboard action” which shows the board in the correct place and animating correctly but the legs do not move. One animation is called “armature action” and that shows the legs jumping and animating but not the board. And there are a couple other clips that don’t seem to show anything animating and a couple clips that show slight movement but not at all like what was animated in blender. I’ve been trying parenting, child of constraints but I can’t get unity to recognize them as one single animation in unison.

Is there anything I’m overlooking that could be causing this? Am I parenting to the wrong thing? Should I work more with the child of constraint? Should I be using NLA to animate instead of dopesheet? Is it something with the way my actions are setup? Do I need bones for the board? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been working for weeks trying to figure this out.


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