I wanted to do a bowling animation purely because it'll allow me to learn a lot about controlling physics and rigid bodies. So far I have a animation set up where a character throws a bowling ball and it then rolls down the alley and hits the pins. Anyone that knows about bowling (which I don't btw I looked all this up for the animation) will know that to get a strike you need to hook the ball. Which I've managed to do but I want it to be closer to what the pros can do.

I'll quickly run down the set up so far. So I got character from mixamo where the character is doing an underarm throw looks alot like they're bowling. I deleted hand keyframes and then reanimated the hand so it was more posed for bowling. Then I used a "child of" constraint to link ball to hand then at point I want the ball to release I keyframed the influence to 0. At the same time the balls rigid body setting "animated" is keyframed and turned on at start of animation then when ball gets released it's keyframed to off then the physics engine takes over. I also added a couple keyframes just before ball gets released to it's rotation so there's enough spin to get it to hook like in real life however it's subtle and I want it to be as epic as the pro bowlers do it where it nearly goes into the gutter but then last second gains the traction and turns towards the pins.

How do I control the ball like this? I thought maybe I could have the ball land after being thrown then get it to follow curve so it's back to keyframe animation then keyframe the rotation manually then switch it back to physics engine just before it hits the pins but this didn't work. Unless I did something wrong the ball wouldn't follow the curve like I hoped and it messed up the beginning animation too.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can control the ball? I know I could maybe use force fields but I really wanna be able to see the ball spinning like in real life.


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