First of all, I'll refer to the photos below of the railroad switch that I want to make. I succeeded in making parts A and B of the railroad switch, but I can't proceed because I don't know what to do with part C. enter image description here -----------------------Line-----------------------------------------------------

First question is about that The problem is that slope between the inclined railroad switch and C is not correct as shown in the photo below. enter image description here

To adjust the slope, i tried putting the measured values, as shown in the picture below, into the tilt of E line, but the slope did not match perfectly. How can i solve this perfectly? enter image description here


Second question is that if i apply a curve modifier to a modeled railroad, the F end of the modeled railroad and the G end of the curve do not perfectly match, as shown below. enter image description here

so how can we match the positions of the two points perfectly? It's okay to modify the curve or rail modeling. Also welcome is how to fix this problem by modifying the curve or rail modeling.

third quesntion is that If I add an angle to the curve tilt, the slope is applied to the middle of the object as shown in the photo below. enter image description here

But I want to make the blue railroad of the photo below by applying the tilt value to the green of the photo below, the end of the object, rather than the center of the object. What should I do? enter image description here -----------------------Line-----------------------------------------------------

The last question is that Rhino has the ability to extend curves or lines horizontally as shown below. What should I do in Blender? .


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