I'm rendering a 4 minute animation that's AV-synced to my new song. So far, I have followed pretty much all possible my Cycles rendering, namely increasing the Tile Size for GPU Compute, lowering light bounces, raising Clamping, lowering Sampling counts etc.

When I render an animation, each frame per se is rendered pretty fast (roughly 6 seconds); however, it takes like TRIPLE the time to transition from one frame to the next one. I thought the reason was that because there's a lot happening and the animation duration is not super short, could be it.

But, and it's an important But.

I try to render just one frame (still in Cycles). Still renders itself fast. When I close the Render window, it takes EXACTLY the same amount of time to close as it would take to transition to the next frame in the previously-listed scenario.

For the record, my specs are:

  • CPU: i9-9900
  • GPU: RTX 2080 Max-Q Design
  • RAM: 16 GB

Didn't have that issue on my weaker system using the 2.79 though. How can this be resolved? Should I submit that as a bug, or not? Thank you everyone, in advance! :)


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