When I roll a rigged cube over its edge (for instance this example which has no bones on all its edges but anyway -> How can I rig a cylinder so that when it's rotated its end cap will not penetrate the floor?), some bones stay behind outside my mesh. So I'm not able to animate a next turn/tumble. Does someone have a solution? It is possible to transfer the bones to a new position in one frame after the first rotation? How does this work?

enter image description here


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For anyone who is interested in the future. I found a simple solution. Just add an 'empty' and make it a child of the cube (which behaves as a child to the armature). Make sure the empty is in the same location as the parent's bone head. Give your parent's bone 2 constrains; 'Copy Rotation' + 'Copy Location' and make the target: the Empty.


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