I'm using Blender 2.8 to animate the growth of a curve that is beveled using python and Animation Nodes 2.1.4 (running Ubuntu 18.04 64bit) The animation generates about 2.6+ million vertices and faces when the animation finally reaches the end.

At each frame the vertices and faces are increased due to its "growth". Is there a way to decimate or control the amount of vertices / faces in Animation Nodes or does anyone know of another way to prevent the generation of so many vertices / faces or to lessen them during the animation process?

Here's the Animation Nodes. An Node

Python Code: used to generate the data:

import math
import numpy as np

def lorenz(x, y, z, s=10, r=28, b=2.667):

    x_dot = s*(y - x)
    y_dot = r*x - y - x*z
    z_dot = x*y - b*z
    return x_dot, y_dot, z_dot

dt = 0.008
#num_steps = 150

# Need one more for the initial values
xlist = np.empty(num_steps + 1)
ylist = np.empty(num_steps + 1)
zlist = np.empty(num_steps + 1)

# Set initial values
xlist[0], ylist[0], zlist[0] = (0., 1., 1.05)

# Step through "time", calculating the partial derivatives at the current point
# and using them to estimate the next point
for i in range(num_steps):
    x_dot, y_dot, z_dot = lorenz(xlist[i], ylist[i], zlist[i])
    xlist[i + 1] = xlist[i] + (x_dot * dt)
    ylist[i + 1] = ylist[i] + (y_dot * dt)
    zlist[i + 1] = zlist[i] + (z_dot * dt)

Example of animation of the Lorenz Attractor being generated:


I've also attached the blend file.


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You can use the Slice List node to reduce the number of spline points. To do so, disable the Start and End options of the node and enable the Step option. The higher the step is, the less spline points you will get.

Node Tree

  • $\begingroup$ Wow Thanks!!! That gives me the ability to drastically cut my vertices / faces down and the quality can be varied. Thanks so much!!! From 2.6 million to a couple 100 thousands...So many equations to animate so little time :-) $\endgroup$
    – Rick T
    Sep 29, 2019 at 11:31

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