OK, so something bizarre just started happening with a scene I'm working on. I have 'Render' samples set to 128, and 'Viewport' samples set to 32 (this is in Cycles).

I don't know what I might have done, but NOW when a scene is being rendered in the viewport it's showing 'Path Tracing Sample x/1024' as it's rendering the scene. Normally, it would show 'x/32', as you would expect.

Needless to say-- now when I go to do a final render, instead of taking 2-3 minutes, it's telling me it will take HOURS.

When I start up a fresh scene, I don't have this issue, so I must have done something wacky with a setting somewhere, but I cannot figure it out!

Can anyone help?

Thanks! Bryan


You have likely enabled Square Samples which results in Cycles using the squared number of samples. Therefore the number viewport render samples are: $$32^2=1024$$

For the final render the number of samples are: $$128^2=16384$$



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