I would like to move three copies, or an array of three copies, of a wall section away from each other equally, at 120 degree angles for a hexagon from the centre. Either way will help, or different items also, for more help. Thanks.

Basically just move 3 items away from each other at the same time. Like scale, but move instead. Can it be done using an array and scaling the array somehow, if the objects are at correct angles. Will the array follow the normals or is it not possible?



  • $\begingroup$ maybe show a picture of what you want (before/after) $\endgroup$ – moonboots Sep 30 at 13:15

I think Object\Transform\Push/Pull is what you are looking for. Select all objects in Object Mode and use Object\Transform\Push/Pull from the menu. As the name suggests it will push or pull from the center of all objects.

Based on your comment I assume what you are really looking for is an circular array. Here's a good tutorial for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLGYsd4lEjY Once you set it up you can move your object in edit mode (so the origin stays at the same position) to push/pull the array from the center.

  • $\begingroup$ Can an array be used for this in some way or the normals by selection order or something else, because this does not work if the objects are at centre? Or another way to move objects by the angles etc? $\endgroup$ – dave44 Oct 1 at 15:31

I found another option for less items, to just select one item, press G to grab, then axis direction, press X, X again for normals path travel, then press a value of use, such as 0.1, or -0.1, for each item

Press Enter, then use push pull in the transform menu, as it will work once items are off centre.


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