I'm working with the 2.8 release build and I have a problem with normal maps. It seems like I'm missing a basic thing in the conversion of normals into cycles. My setup is as straightforward as it can be. non color jpg into normal map node into slot. Screenshot taken via viewer node. normals error in cycles Top is the cycles normals, bottom right is Eevee preview normals. Left has the normal map (just gradients), mid bottom is setup. Eevee displays the normals correctly, always!

I thought this might have been an issue because of large file sizes (9000x5000px) but it even does this with way smaller jpgs.

Has anyone ever had this problem? This seems so weird to me since normal maps are bread and butter for cycles and 4kx4k textures are soo normal.

Are there any file limitations for cycles using normal maps I have to keep in mind?

  • $\begingroup$ This can be closed. The problem was that the scale of the asset was immense and all I had to do was apply scale. $\endgroup$ – Acapulco Sep 24 '19 at 10:13

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