I have a number of (growing) objects in my model, and so I'm now trying to organize them into separate Collections.

The problem is that when I move a parent object and its related child objects into a new collection (with all of them being with individual objects [view/Eye On]), all the Children are greyed-out/not open-able/editable once moved to their new collection.

To repro: Add Monkey Add a cube Add a ball Make the ball the parent of the cube So all 3 objects are in one collection Now Create a new collection, "x" Select both Cube and Ball M Chose X collection The 2 objects are moved to X I can select and edit the Cube I can not select anything for the Ball (grayed out) to edit it.

So it looks like I've "lost" the ability to edit the ball -- I'm sure its somewhere! Where's waldo?? :)

Don't understand whats happening. Help?

Added Oct 20: Any ideas??

  • $\begingroup$ Added Nov 4: Am I the only one with this problem? Any help or insights appreciated. $\endgroup$ – Mark777 Nov 4 '19 at 22:36

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