When i saw this photo on BlenderArtists I really want to know is there any method to make this cut and other boolean parts without using any plugins.

I know it's a "box cutter" thing or any plugin, but I'm just wondering if I can do it only with those modifiers in Blender... thanks for the answers.

enter image description here

added after 15 mins: by the way it seems that boolean modifiers can't work with subsurf modifier unless you're to remake the topology, but many times it's hard. so what will you do when you come across some situations where you have to cut a hole from a curved surface with subsurf modifier on? e.g. example the intakes on the front bumper of a car. or, is there any tutorial that can can help me figure out the right way how boolean modeling should work? thanks a lot!

  • $\begingroup$ Taking X to be the axis from top left to bottom right, then for this cut. you might consider knife-projecting (with Z for a through cut) the line down the X axis, followed by something like this non-destructive method for cutting beveled gaps into surfaces. $\endgroup$ – Robin Betts Sep 23 '19 at 17:46

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