Somehow i'm not being able to pull this off. I've tried searching on google for solutions but couldn't find it. I thought the setup was quite simple, but it don't seem to work properly.

If you take a look at the image below you'll see what i mean.

I've tried changing the Blend Mode on the Settings TAB, i've enabled screen space refraction...

It seems that i'm missing out on something. Any thoughts ? Thank you

enter image description here


There are (at least) 2 reasons why they are not transparent:

  • your leaf texture is a .jpg file: this format can't carry transparency informations. Only .png images can have a transparent background in the image itself.

  • You are connecting the Color output of the Image Texture node into the Fac of the Mix Shader, but the latter needs a black and white image, where black means transparent and white means opaque. You should use the Alpha output instead, which takes the transparency of your .png texture and transforms it into a BW map for the Mix Shader


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