That was view axis. Can be closed.

Settings: I made factory reset and turned on emulate 3 button mouse. Completely clean Blender without anything changed still has this feature...

Issue: I want to turn off Blender behavior: Alt+ Middle mouse button drag, which is causing the viewport to snap to front/top/left/right orthographic view. I don't want this snapping feature.

And it seems it can't be turned off (Image 1) 3D View -> Rotate View -> View3D Rotate Modal, changing, disabling or clicking X doesn't change anything so it's maybe not this one setting

Image 1

Changing Rotate View - and picking Alt key (Image 2) changes normal rotation of viewport to Alt + middle mouse and this snapping feature to Alt + left mouse button (I'm using emulate 3 button mouse).

Image 2


This is how I managed to solve it. Turn off View Axis. enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Not sure why this is on by default. Blender devs should default this to off. $\endgroup$ – ninjaneer Mar 23 at 23:15

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