I have read and seen tutorials about how to snap faces together in Blender (faces in the 3d-mesh sense, like vertex, edge or face), but I am trying to snap 3 different sides of a human face together. Picture:

enter image description here

These are all from the same person, and were all taken with a camera that creates a 3d "chunk" when taking a photo (i.e. two lenses and will automatically create a 3d transformation of the photo it takes). The photos were taken one immediately after another. Eyes blacked out by me because even though its greyscale, just making it even more anonymous. My challenge is to take these three objects (which are the right, front, and left side of the face respectively) and "mush" them together into one new 3d face. I can push them and rotate them manually, but hoping to find a way to "snap" them together in the best fit.

Any ideas?


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