My rendering has no output, and I'm not sure why.

Here is the blend file:


And pictures of the output:


  • $\begingroup$ Disabling the sequencer seems to fix it... not sure why - imgur.com/vCaM1NC $\endgroup$ – Brian Gates Sep 12 '19 at 7:49
  • $\begingroup$ Oh, OK, you got it yourself. I did not see the comment when posting the answer. You should generally post it as an answer even if it's to your own question if you find a solution... $\endgroup$ – Martynas Žiemys Sep 12 '19 at 8:01

It seems the output is there. It is black. It comes from your sequencer where there is a PNG file.. You need to disable sequencer or delete the strip with the PNG file.

enter image description here

It does not seem you have any lights in the scene as well.

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