I'm sort of new, and I've been learning how to create a Texture master via

Blender 2.8 Texture extraction projection painting (part 1)
CGMatter        Published on May 11, 2019

(my notes:) Great video, a bit short on descriptions. The video shows you how to create texture images from normal photos, using clone brush capture and focused shapes. He captures a parking sign, from a skewed view. He captures a brick planter. He also captures a textured bark from a tree. Nicely done. Video is quick, but complete.

  • Layout, Object Mode
  • Delete everything in project, except Camera.
  • In the Camera tool (Right Side Icon), select the image you are capturing FROM and set that up as a background image. Make sure the image dimensions on the background image match its original aspect ratio, else the content will be distorted.
  • In order to see the image dimensions, select the context output icon (a small printer icon)
  • Add a plane object, Layout, Edit mode. Camera Perspective.
  • set shading to "Hidden Wire" (via Viewport overlays pulldown)
  • Position the plane so it outlines the sign. Be careful to stay in Camera View and NOT move the camera.
  • Head over to the UV editing Window. UV Editing is a top tool setup
  • When you jump to UV Editing Window, there are two editing areas visible.
  • In the right window, ensure you are looking at "Camera Perspective" Ensure the plane corners you chose match the image.
  • In the left hand editing window, modify the UV map aspect ratio so it roughly matches the aspect ratio of the sign.

At this point I get a fail. Nothing I do allows me to select anything in the left hand UV edit window. I'm unable to edit anything in left hand screen. Here where I get stuck:

My Attempt

And here is what's displayed on the tutorial at key frame:

Youtube Video Snapshot

What am I doing wrong? I'm including screen shots of my blender app and Youtube video. For anyone interested, my sign image came from here.


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