Is there a way to automatically switch the material by detecting the render engine change between Eevee and Cycles?

If there is a node like output 1 if the render engine was cycles and output 0 if the engine was Eevee, That will be great for implementing auto switch function because I can just connect that to mix shader node.


You can easily do it with drivers.

  • Click right mouse button (RMB) on render engine name and select Copy as a new driver
  • Go to your node, for example Value node (Input->Value)
  • Put cursor over value field and with RMB click Paste driver
  • RMB click again and this time choose Edit driver
  • In driver setting switch type from Averaged to Scripted Expression
  • Change expression to engine/2 (because Cycles is third engine in list, otherwise you'll have (0,2) output)
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