I'm having a problem with my animation. The issue is when i want to render the animation it renders just first frame and multiply it. The second issue is my animation viewport is so so much laggy that i cant work with it, and some of you would say, well buy a new gpu or cpu etc, but im having this issue only in one project. Im doing Lego animation from youtube channel Ducky 3D, and his file is doing fine, i can animate this properly and viewport is fine aswell. And strange part is that i have much less faces in my project file than his has.

DUCKY's viedo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbe9d342swc

1 frame animation https://gyazo.com/f6b6e662a94a344555f7fd00d985ac69

laggy viewport https://gyazo.com/499cce9ed885a8f3c15421518fda2b19

laggy viewport epilogue https://gyazo.com/fa04699d74992726566fada2d70ba95c

ducky's file which is doing fine https://gyazo.com/0052410cf6c9983a365105ad2adab8b6



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