My goal is to add a NodeGroup I created earlier to the shader nodetree of an object using python. (Actually a few hundred times, hence the script)

This is what I know how to do:

  • iterate over all the objects of which I need to change the Material.

Here is where I get stuck:

  • I can add a new NodeGroup with object.data.materials[0].node_tree.nodes.new("ShaderNodeGroup") This only creates a generic NodeGroup and I'm unable to select the actual Nodetree within this new Group.
  • py.ops.node.add_node(type="ShaderNodeGroup", use_transform=True, settings=[{"name":"node_tree", "value":"bpy.data.node_groups['MyNodeGroup']"}]) is the operator to add the Nodegroup that I want, but when I try to use that in my script, I get an error that I'm in the wrong context.

How can I make any of these methods work for my script?


You can do something like this: create the node group instance and set the existing node group as node tree for this new instance.

def instanciate_group( nodes, group_name ):
    group = nodes.new( type = 'ShaderNodeGroup' )
    group.node_tree = bpy.data.node_groups[group_name]
    return group

instanciate_group( object.data.materials[0].node_tree.nodes, "group_name" )
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  • $\begingroup$ Thank you! "Especially group.node_tree = bpy.data.node_groups[group_name]" solved my problem! $\endgroup$ – michaelh Sep 5 '19 at 16:41

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