I am in rendered view in the viewport and my glass shader isn't working correctly. I remember a couple months ago I was making glass for a ship and these settings are the only thing I had to mess around with:

enter image description here

So I added an hdri as the environment background and this is what happens:

enter image description here

Now the glass works for the environment but not for other objects, Can anyone help me figure this out?


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To get transparency working with other objects in eevee, you have to tick a couple not-so-obvious boxes.

First, in Render Settings, tick Screen Space Reflections: Screenshot of side menu

And then under screen space reflections, tick Refraction.

Then in the material menu of the transparent object, tick Screen Space Reflections:

Material Menu of glass object

Then adjust the refraction depths slider just below it. The default is 0m, which gives some really extreme refractions that doesn't look right. (EDIT: or maybe it does? Spheres are suppose to have inverted reflections)

The lower refraction depths is (excluding 0), the less refraction you get, so 0.0001m basically mean no refraction.

With a refraction depths of 1m, I get this: Render example

There are still a few caveats though, mainly that (AFAIK) you can't have 2 objects that both have materials with SSR checked behind one another. The one behind will just not show up. You can however have a transparent object without SSR checked behind one with SSR. So this only matters if you have 3 or more objects in a row.

With refraction depths set to 0.0001,

Middle sphere without SSR:

enter image description here

Middle sphere with SSR:

enter image description here


Eevee is no raytracing renderer -- that is one reason, why it is so fast. To reveal the full beauty of transperancy you need Cycles, which does raytracing. Sorry for the bad news... ;) :)

  • $\begingroup$ I have had it working before when I made a ship in eevee just a couple months ago. I understand it's not a raytracing rendering engine but I know there is a way to get glass to work at least half decent. This glass just isn't working at all lol. $\endgroup$ Sep 5, 2019 at 4:00

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