When a cylinder is added to a scene Triangle Fan fill type for the cap is provided in the last operator panel.

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Is there any tool to use with a circle to fill it like triangle fan would do?

enter image description here

The alternatives Grid Fill and F (n-gon) can't be used when the vertex in the center of the circle is required.


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Create and poke face

You can do this with 2 operations.

F, ⎇ AltP

  • F (creates a face)
  • ⎇ AltP (poke face, creating a triangle fan)

See: Mesh -> Face menu for both.

Note for Blender 2.80 users: Shortcut for Poke Faces was removed and the menu entry relocated to Face -> Poke Faces.

Extrude and merge edges

E, Escape, ⎇ AltM, A

  • E (Extrude)
  • ⎇ AltM (Merge)
    • A (Menu accelerator for the A̲t Center option)


  • Create face & Poke will assign UV's & vertex colors from surrounding faces (the extrude method will simply extend UV's/colors, which may not be what you want).
  • Poke uses a more advanced method to calculate the face center point
    (noticeable when edges aren't evenly spaced).

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