I m one year blender artist. I was importing Mhx2 makehuman models as mhx (in override exported data) in blender 2.8 beta version. And in this way I was able to load my bvh files. İn stable version I can also import my same model as mhx but CANT load bvhs on it. It always gives this error : http://prntscr.com/p0urr5 … And second problem that Im strugglin g for 3 months is ı cant import makehuman mhx models to blender as rigify like in this tutorial (14. minute) => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPYbdnPwHuQ&list=PLap5dAu9AlhsA15sxXAY9durzkgFTU9c0&index=127&t=386s In the tutorial he is chosing the export as rigify while exporting from makehuman. But in newer versions that option s missing. And everytime ım trying to import mhx files as rigify or exported rigify ım facing with traceback errors… İn exported rigify option some stick bones are appearing aswell but in rigify option Im only facing with traceback errors…

I already read other similar questions in forum but offered solutions didnt work for me unfortunately...

You may think that why ım stick around on this rigify while ım already able to import them as mhx which is also good rig type. But in this type we are not able to stretch out the extremities thats what ı need most in my animationss… … If you give some tips for these two problem you will have solved big proportions of my issues… :)


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