I tried to find a way to abondon the slow mouse action on importing and exporting STL files... The keymap seems not have mapping for import/export...

For the export I normally use the export button within the 3d printing toolbox (great plugin btw!) but a keyboard shortcut to export the selected object(s) would be sooo helpful..

Any ideas?

Best Regards Stefan


You can do this off course (this is Blender)

The fastest way is to mouse right click on export stl button and assign a short cut. (you can press nothing but click other area to left it be empty keymap)

enter image description here

After you assign a shortcut to it, go into setting panel and the keymap setting, the setting of export/import will be included in Windows group:

enter image description here

You can assign different key map for it, and also all option that you can find on the exporting panel. The options will appear grey-out, which indicate that it is using default parameters. You can click on any of them to change the setting, override it. In your case, check the selection only button.

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    $\begingroup$ Very cool! I could kiss you! 1000 Thanks! On Export it works like a charm... Import worked after I deleted the old keyboard shortcuts (I want to use ctrl+shift+A)... $\endgroup$ Aug 30 '19 at 8:18

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