Blend : https://gofile.io/?c=4od4mqenter image description here

My self made rig completely deforms after automatic weights. I've altered the rotation of the IK bone, in pose mode and reset the rotation of the bones with alt+G. When I created the bones, I did not pay attention to rotation axes. Did I mention I did not took the time to rename the bones?

What I might think is the problem is the legs, of the original mesh were not completely in T Pose. Furthermore, the lower part of the mesh breaks after the process, which is caused by other problems. I Followed this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM8mOq9RiNE


I think that’s the main problem is that you need to correct the Pole Angle of your IK bones or they are going to rotate crazy once in Pose mode, -90° for both right and left IK.

Also in Edit mode you need to bend the knees bones a bit forwards so that they’ll bend correctly in Pose mode. And join the 2 pole targets to your main armature. Make sure some bones (controllers, pole targets, root) won’t deform the mesh: Select each of them and disable their Deform option. And it looks like you have a lot of overlapping vertices, so altM > Merge By Distance and play with the parameters.

enter image description here


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