I am currently having a problem while attempting to append a Node Group into a new file.

I think I have followed the steps correctly; I created the node configuration, selected all the nodes, Ctrl + G, saved to nodes1.blend; Opened a new file, Shift + F1, navigated to the Node Editor of nodes2.blend then pressed Shift + A>Group, select the the group from nodes1.blend ... And there is a problem: the appended node is nowhere to be found.

The funny thing, is that when I go to Outliner > Datablocks, I can see the Node Group has effectively being appended (see screenshot below)

Screenshot of Group error

But the Group is just not available in the Node Editor; Am I missing something? I used to do this all the time with other Blender versions; Has anything changed? Please help. .blend file on request.


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I found the solution to the issue.
I was trying to add the node group in shader mode, and not in Composite mode, as I should be. I thought I had set it to Composite, but I guess I hadn't. As soon as I changed to Composite mode in the Node Editor, everything worked as expected.


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