Let's say I made a model, set up light and camera, render size is 1024x1024

enter image description here

All of the sudden I need to add a second object that's outside the render boundary.

enter image description here

so I want to change my render settings so that both objects would fit in the render. But! I need to keep the perspective and pixel dimensions so that the first object would be exactly the same as on the original render.

If I simply change render width, the render boundary shrinks...

enter image description here

At the moment I create a duplicate of the active camera, shift it and render a second image to compose with the first one. Which isn't perfect for a lot of reasons. So I was wondering if there's a simpler solution?

enter image description here

Another solution would be using a wider camera angle, but in this case pixel dimensions of the original objects would change. I'd need probably to change render size accordingly but I don't know if there's a formula...


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