I have an object that consists of 2 meshes. To group them, I have added an Empty object and added my 2 objects as children.

I have then put the 3D cursor where I would the origin of the grouped object like to be.

Then I click "Origin to 3D Cursor", but nothing happens. The orange dot stays where it is. I expected it to go where the 3D cursor is.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you!

enter image description here


You cannot set the origin for empties. They're just little more than an origin and a world matrix.

If you want to have the empty at the 3D cursor's location, you will have to position the empty there. It is necessary to remove the parent relationship first ALT+P and add it back afterwards CTRL+P if you don't want the parented objects to move with the empty. With the empty selected, press SHIFT+S and click Selection to Cursor to move it to the cursor's location.


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