I'm relatively new to blender - I'm using version 2.79. I have been trying to render an animation using GPU with a Hilbert Spiral of 512x512. I keep getting an "Open CL error: CL_INVALID_ARG_SIZE" error message. I'm using an AMD Raedeon Pro WX 7100 card.

Are there some settings I missed (all I did was switch CPU to my card in User preferences and GPU in the render panel) or is it possible my card isn't supported by blender?


  • $\begingroup$ Your GPU is GCN 4th generation and should be supported. Please try to update your graphics driver and check if that solves the problem. $\endgroup$ – Robert Gützkow Aug 23 '19 at 16:17
  • $\begingroup$ Nope - I still get the same error. $\endgroup$ – Katie Aug 26 '19 at 17:01

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