I am trying to rig a 2D character I made in 2.8. I separated the major pieces (which I was going to connect to a rig) into layers in the grease pencil.

I am using the human meta rig from which I deleted some bones.

However, as soon as I select one of these layers, and then click "parent", the entire GP layer immediately gets messed up (see pictures 1 and 2).

enter image description here

Turns into: enter image description here

Can somebody explain to me what is happening?


Can you upload a .blend file - it may help to see exactly what is happening.

I've had similar issues with GP and rigging. From what I understand, when you create a bone, or armature, they default with their own local axis (which point in a different direction to the world axis). When you parent the Grease Pencil object to the bone, it inherits the object's local axis and flips, turns, or moves.

Possible Fix: You can try adding a 90 or 270 to the rotation on that object to see if it comes back.

Future prevention: As soon as you click on parent: armature with automatic weights (or something similar), there will be a small window that appears at the bottom left corner of the screen - you can click "Keep Transform" - this my prevent your geometry from getting away from you.

"Keep Transform"


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