I recently done some work on an app, "Goodies Menu" as you'll see. Every one of those items (add-ons) have some veryatation with their, which is why I suspect their is no where that I can find to remove them. I've be doing some searching for the following woods, (which left me know where). Goodies menu.py, pie_views_numpad_menu.py


Info Panel - text editor will not remove these text codes. They all have a variation in the code somewhere.


Reload Scripts.

Go to the python console and type in:


Or press F3 to bring up the Search Menu and type Reload Scripts:

enter image description here

You will have to run any non registered script again to have a single menu. I have this operator prepended to my py console and text editor areas.

Or temporarily tack it to top of script while developing.

It had the default keymap F8 in 2.7x and prior.


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