Blender 2.8 is great, but id like to go back to the flat look of 2.79 viewport because of performance and i already know a solution..-ish, by switching the viewport to solid view but i get this problem with one of my rigs:

enter image description here

This is Eevee's viewport

enter image description here

And this is workbench set to flat and texture.

the way this rig works is by using a UV projector for the face so that way it doesnt deform, it also has some trickery with UV maps that allow this to be done on the same object while keeping other faces unafected by the UV projector. i could separate the face and call it a day but then theres another problem with the mouth, pupils, and eyebrows: since they dont have a texture they display as their solid color, in 2.79 I didnt have this problem with a similar rig enter image description here

This is Blender 2.79

the goal is to have it look flat like this to increase viewport performance and without any of the problems i got in 2.8 which are mostly caused by the workbench only displaying the texture and not the material result.

My first thought was setting the workbench on "Material" but for some reason it still displayed everything as solid so in resume.. how can i make eevee look so bad it looks similar to blender 2.79, or how can i get to display materials in solid view


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