I am creating a 3D environment and there happens to be leaves and vines in the scene. I tried using Alt+D to create linked duplicates but it wasn't working so i used Shift+D to create just duplicates that aren't linked. The problem now is that I'm trying to apply the same materials and I have to go select all of them and apply separately. SO I have two questions here:

  1. How come Alt+D didn't work? Blender clearly says Alt+D in the contextual menu but nothing happens when I use the hotkey.
  2. Is there a way to link unlinked duplicates?

Alt-D should work, in Object Mode? .. To create links (of various kinds), also in Object mode, select the target objects, and the source object last, so it's active, and hit CtrlL.

Then select the aspect of the source you would like the targets to link to. In this case, 'Materials'.

  • $\begingroup$ yeah I didn't get Alt+D to work. I'm wondering if it clashes with another system-wide hotkey but wasn't able to find what it is. It works if I change the hotkey but just not ALT+D. $\endgroup$ – bmoondesign Aug 19 at 2:23

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