Im new to Blender nodes. Im trying to make a material and apply it to a mesh made of a single square. It needs to be able to take 2 textures. One stone texture, and one that has the ornaments that should be carved into stone. This is my ornament texture: https://ibb.co/GC8HGNg I generate these kinds of patterns using a programming language. Its a random maze.

Now my mesh: https://ibb.co/XYVBXx2

I want the stone texture to be darker in the places where in the ornament texture, the color is black, to create the effect that that is carved stone.

I tried to make my own version but it doesnt look good cause i also need a gradient in the crevices, or i need to make the edges of the pattern black, to create the illusion of depth. Here is my shader: https://ibb.co/BCnT78C

Here is a example from a popular video game, League of Legends: https://ibb.co/pXgb1Nf

Any idea on how to achieve something like this?


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