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I began using Blender 2.8 and started customizing it to my taste.

I used to have a Pie Menu for Viewport Shading options, like Wireframe, Solid, etc. As well as other options such as "Use Matcap", "Show Texture" and so on.

Since 2.8 has a very nice dynamic menu as seen in the above image. I would Like to add it as a Pie Menu Operator. So when I choose "Viewport Shading Options" in my Pie Menu, I would like that very same menu to pop up at my cursor.

Basically, whatever code is attached to that little grey down arrow circled in red, I would like to add that as a pie Menu operator in my Shading Pie Menu.

I already figured out that the code for that menu is defined in:


And the menu itself is define in a class called VIEW3D_PT_Shading. Along with other classes that make up each section of the menu like VIEW3D_PT_shading_lighting, VIEW3D_PT_shading_color, VIEW3D_PT_shading_options,

Unfortunately I can't seem to properly import it into my PieMenus Script.

So when calling that VIEW3D_PT_Shading menu via my own pie menu operator I get the error:

Menu "VIEW3D_PT_Shading" not found

Any help is greatly appreciated


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