Total newbie here. I was trying blenders 2.8 sculpting tools and i came across this situation.

I started a new sculpt file and began sculpting the default object that comes in it. Once i was satisfied with the overall shape, i tried to activate dyntopo to start working on the details. But once i activate dyntopo and select a tool or move in the viewport, the mesh disappears completely. I tried with a lot of different (dyntopo) settings but the problem persists. For a moment i thought it was a hardware issue, with my pc not being what you'd call super fast. But the funny thing is, when i started a new (sculpting) file with the same object and the same mesh density, BUT activating Dyntopo from the beginning, it works just fine!

Id really like to continue my original file. Or at least, id like to understand why this happens?

If i wasnt clear enough, what can i show you or tell you to be more specific?

By the way, sorry if my english is bad.


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