I found this (free) nice brick PBR material :

enter image description here

I would like to use it in Blender. I had never heard of PBR before. So when I unpack the zip, I get those files :

  • Brick_Wall.sbsar
  • Brick_Wall_D.tga
  • Brick_Wall_H.tga
  • Brick_Wall_N.tga
  • Brick_Wall_RMA.tga

I've understood that sbar is a property format and is not supported by Blender. So I have to build my own material using those textures.

enter image description here

I've read this tutorial to learn how to setup it.

I added a principled BSDF node and linked it like that :

  • Brick_Wall_D.tga > base color
  • Brick_Wall_H.tga > metallic
  • Brick_Wall_N.tga > (normal map) > normal

Is that correct ?

But then, I miss the roughness map. I read here that

RMA is a type of packed map which contains Roughness + Metallic + Ambient occlusion, which are used with PBR (Physically Based Rendering).

and here that you can extract channels in the node setup by using a "separate RGB" node.

Thus, what should I use and how should it setup that ? Maybe I should use only the RMA file ?

Thanks a lot.


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