I'm new to Blender, trying to use Texture Paint mode on a model I've made. I've got the texture and UV map set up right so far as I can tell, but when I try to paint on the object, the texture is painted on the back of the selected object.enter image description here

So when I tried to paint on the front half of the purple object, the white circle was painted on the back instead. The texture is not currently set up with nodes. Thanks in advance for the help.


Turns out I just had to fuss with some of the default settings, though why they were set to such an odd default, I don't know. For anybody else with a similar problem, this can be fixed by entering Texture Paint mode, then selecting Options > Project Paint on the left panel and making sure only Occlude is checked

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks for this! I had this problem just now and wouldn't have figured it out if it wasn't for this post. $\endgroup$ – lakerice May 21 at 4:50

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