I have several objects (see the attached picture) I want to merge, so that I finally get one uniformly mesh.

In the end I want to 3d print this object but the slicer software for the printer can´t handle these several loose objects. It preferes one single, clean mesh without non manifold edges.

I already tried using the Boolean modifier to join the objects but it ended in a mess with lots of non manifold edges.

Here a link to the .blend file i created.

Does someone have expierience with joining mulitiple objects into one single? Slowly I´m really annoyed from this problem and would be really pleased if someone could help me out with an solution for this.



Typing Ctrl+J should work. It is a shortcut that joins meshes. If there are any modifiers that are not applied yet, apply them then hit Ctrl+J.

  • $\begingroup$ When I do this, the 3D printer interprets the intersection of objects as the XOR of the individual parts and the model becomes unstable at these intersections. When I add the boolean modifier 'merge', it works well, but I have too many objects to merge them all manually. Is there a way to merge (not join) all objects? $\endgroup$ – Strichcoder Nov 27 '19 at 9:21

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