my goal is to add some nice effects (karaoke like) to a video. That would be eg - smooth color change/dancing ball (like here https://youtu.be/6Zqx7kOAHas), magnifying glass, focus change. With tutorials available I can make these effects, but I stuck on how to apply it to video. I already made working proof of concept on Compositor: enter image description here But previewing is a pain here. When playing with viewer I see movie, but 'Render Layers' is frozen (or even worse - I need to use 'Render active scene' option on 'Render Layers' object to have it at all). Also I would like to move preview to second monitor (I havn't found option for that with 'backdrop' option for toolbar)

Second option I tried was Video Editor. There is even great plugin to add text elements (https://youtu.be/9pmGHIDaMwA - hope it works with 2.8). But:

  1. When added text elements in VE I found no way to edit them eg in 3d Viewport. I really can't see way to apply any effect on these

  2. I can add a different scene with text created in 3d viewport, but I stuck with animation (can't pass it neither from 3d Viewport nor from Compositor) and lighting.

I don't want to do multiple exports just for subtitles - I don't want to loose video quality (or is it not a problem?) - not mentioning time taken by multiple renders.

What tool should I use here? Is VE doing any better rendering quality then Compositor? I need live preview of both original video and rendered text (who knows - maybe something more to draw?) displayd somwhere in the application (without additional video rendering).


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